Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Running Late

I woke up late this morning... incredibly late. We're talking an hour and 38 minutes late. And as I was speeding down the interstate in an attempt to get to class on time, my still groggy brain had a thought: Why is knowing what time it is so important? Yeah, it's nice to know when exactly your favorite TV show is on, but wouldn't life be so much easier if we just let things happen when they happen?

The whole invention of time always makes me feel hurried, late. "I only have so much
time to get this done." "Oh, I wonder what time it is." "I wish I had more time to sleep." And there it was. All of these semi-coherent thoughts were because I wanted to sleep some more. But it got me thinking... maybe I won't put some much emphasis on time anymore, at least, when I have control over it; when I'm not at school, or work; you know, on my own time.